Who are we?

The Research Space on Interaction and Semiotic Mediation (ERIMS) is an interdisciplinary research space, based at the University of Lleida, which conducts research in the educational field. ERIMS focuses its research on two main areas: educational interaction and semiotic mediation in educational processes.

Semiotic mediation

ERIMS investigates the meanings that people use to understand the world around them and the relationship that exists between these meanings and certain processes such as emotional experience, decision-making and practice of these people. Until now ERIMS has focused on the study of semiotic mediation in teaching activity, establishing two sub-lines related to semiotic mediation:

  1. The nature, construction and development of mediating meanings of teaching activity
  2. The relationship between mediating meanings of teaching activity and teaching resilience

Educational interaction

ERIMS also investigates the functioning and dynamics of educational interaction. Until now, research on educational interaction has focused primarily on dialogic interaction. This form of educational interaction is based on dialogue and inquiry in conditions of social symmetry (that is, reducing power imbalances, for example, between teacher and students). ERIMS has investigated how dialogic interaction can be progressive (that is, that there is a joint and cumulative construction of new meaning) and teleological (that is, that allows progress towards educational objectives).

ERIMS is coordinated by Dr. Marc Clarà (marc.clara@udl.cat) and it is defined as an open research space. In this sense, all researchers or professionals interested in participating in this space or visiting us can contact us at: erims.udl@gmail.com